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Update History



Version 5.0.6060
Made bug fix for installer
- Other minor bug fixes


Version 5.0.6037
The same installer file will now be used for both 32 bit Outlook and 64 bit Outlook. 


Version 5.0.5746
Updated to support Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 (as well as Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013) 


Version 5.0.5604
Bug fix: When receiving bounce back message in Exchange, content of the bounce back email was changed to symbolic characters.
- QuickFile will now import all existing TBYL! For Outlook shortcuts and upgrade them to Version 5 of QuickFile.
- Other minor bug fixes.


Version 5.0.5448
Bug fix: On QuickFile/Find&Goto screen. Some of the folder paths on some folders were displayed as alphanumeric characters instead of the true folder path.


Version 5.0.5427
- Bug fix: On QuickFile/Find&Goto screen when folder paths contained "/" or "\"
- Bug fix: When adding folders through Outlook (folders were not being added to the QuickFile list)
- Bug fix: When adding folders through QuickFile/Find&Goto screen and Outlook whose folder paths contained "/" or "\"
- Bug fix: Go to Outbox folder after sending emails, the sending email gets stuck in the Outbox
- Bug fix: When sending out a Task Request, recipient was unable to view the Task Request item.
- Other minor bug fixes


Version 5.0.5378
Bug fix: In x86 and x64 MSI files
- Bug fix: When Indexing folders on initial start up of QuickFile screen


Version 5.0.5365
- Bug fix: When searching for folders using Outlook 2013 in different PST's, encryption error was given while using Find&Goto.


Version 5.0.5361
Bug fix: When searching for folders using QuickFile.


Version 5.0.5354
- Speed Improvement when searching for folders using QuickFile.


Version 5.0.5301
Re-signed the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate.


Version 5.0.5291
- New! QuickFile interface changed to display folders in TreeView structure
- New! Added new features to right click QuickFile menu
- Ability to change the number of Recent folders displayed on QuickFile
- Bug fix: Allows filing of digitally signed and/or encrypted emails
- Bug fix: Not all folders were indexed in Microsoft Exchange Public Folders
- Other minor bug fixes


Version 5.0.5252
- New! Ability to remove suggestions from QuickFile list
- New! Show sub-folders in the search result on the QuickFile
Screen by doing a right-click on the list.
- Speed Improvement when filing email(s) using your QuickFile
- Speed improvement when indexing folders in Public folder(s)
(in Exchange environment)
- Other minor bug fixes


Version 5.0.5235
- New! Major Upgrade.



Version 4.2.5080
- Bug fix: Find&Goto Folder search sometimes did not gave any results
- Bug fix: Choose another folder screen gave error message when doing a search
- Bug fix: When adding new folder from QuickFile screen, error message comes up.
- Other minor bug fixes



Version 4.2.5074
- New! Now supports Microsoft Outlook x64 bit.



Version 4.1.307
- New! Supports Office 365 Email Accounts
- Bug fixes: Freezing issue with IMAP and hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Accounts
- Other minor bug fixes



Version 4.1.256
- Compatible with Outlook 2013 (32 bit)



Version 4.1.172
Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate


Version 4.1.172
- Bug Fix: Find&Goto does not search Public folders in Outlook 2010 even though they exist.



Version 4.1.151
- Bug Fix: Newsletter list was lost each time Outlook was restarted.
- Bug Fix: Security prompt appearing in Outlook upon first installation
- Bug Fix: Shared shortcuts not working in Outlook 2010
- Now when QuickFile is clicked, the one-click folder is selected in the

   shortcuts list by default.


Version 4.1.126
 - Digitally signed with new signature
- NEW!
QuickFile now supports Google Apps.
- Bug Fix: Toolbar flickering Issue fixed
- Bug Fix: Now support Outlook Connector (Hotmail)
- Bug Fix: Unread Emails Not marked as read after  

  being filed.
- Bug Fix: Go to Outbox folder after sending emails.

  The sending email gets stuck in the Outbox.
- Contact Support now provides a list of Add-ins

  that are available in Outlook
- Bug Fix: Manual activation Issue fix.
- Bug Fix: "Please Initialize class first" issue fixed



Version 4.1.109
 - NEW! QuickFile Pro Edition and Standard are now

   incorporated into one EXE.
- NEW! Pick&Send is now added as an extra option

  in Send options to automatically open Pick&Send

  screen when send is clicked.
- NEW! QuickFile is now compatible with Interwoven

- NEW! A new method of activating QuickFile has

  been implemented.
- NEW! Public Folder indexing has been made

- Bug Fix: Auto Forward set on emails activated the

  QuickFile Send&File screen. QuickFile is now

  updated not to open this screen on Auto-

- Bug Fix: A new public folder made was not shown

  in the Quickfile searches.
- Bug Fix: Printing emails printed QFProcessed

  property in the email
- Bug Fix: When outlook loses connection from

  server QuickFile now tries to reconnect to the

- Bug Fix: Error 13 Type mismatch when trying to

  QuickFile or Send&File an email.
- Bug Fix: Error -2147221233: Error in

  IMAPITable.FindRow:MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND came

  when trying to QuickFile an email.


Version 4.1.56
 - NEW! Now compatible with Outlook 2010.

 - Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate


Version 4.1.52
 - NEW! Process Sent Items for unfiled emails sent using Blackberry Phones, Outlook Web Access, etc.
Emails that are sent from outside Outlook using Outlook Web Access or BlackBerry (synchronized with Outlook) does not get filed using Send&File.
This new feature now allows you to process your Sent Items to highlight these unfiled emails and also provides with an easy step to file it at the same time.

- NEW! NetDocuments icons for the folder QuickFile now displays the NetDocuments folder with the NetDocuments icon on it to make it easy for users to distinguish it from normal folders.
- NEW! Supports SendTo Mail recipient
Right-Click on a file and SendTo -> Mail Receipient. Now QuickFile Send&File is supported when emailing using this option.

- NEW! QuickFile also supports filing on the On behalf Email Address
When an email is sent on behalf of someone then QuickFile will file that email with respect to the person it was sent on behalf of. Previously
QuickFile did filing with respect to the person who sent the email.
- Bug Fix: Settings screen: In Data files tab, if selected Stores is selected, open settings screen click OK, all the selected stores becomes un-ticked.
- Bug Fix: Received Date changed for
emails when filing to a public folder
- Bug Fix: Go to Tasks -> View by Categories then sort by subject. A selection change error occurred
- Bug Fix: QuickFile ->search for something that does not exist in choose another folder -> click new folder button -> now click cancel on the new folder form -> Runtime error 5 occurs and QuickFile crashes
- Bug Fix: Use QuickFile to file a PostItem. the recent folder is updated but the shortcut does not get updated.
- Bug Fix: When you do QuickFile on an email, then change the email address from the drop-down on the QuickFile form and file the email. The one-click shortcut is updated on the default email address but not on the changed email address that the user picked.

22-July-2009 Version 4.1.22
 - NEW! Undo Filing
Need to reverse or find an email that you filed using QuickFile or Send&File. Click the Undo button to view a list of email filed today. Click to reverse the filing.
 - NEW! Defer Emails
Move emails out of your Inbox UNTIL you need them. Improve your productivity by moving non-urgent emails out of your Inbox. QuickFile will automatically move them back at a time convenient to you.
 - NEW! Automatically file Newsletters.
Stop cluttering your emails with newsletters that don't need your immediate attention. QuickFile will move your newsletters out of your Inbox to a folder dedicated to newsletters. QuickFile can show you a non-intrusive message whenever emails are moved...and it can also remind you once a day to check your newsletters.. so you don't miss out on any specials etc.
 - NEW! Automatically Create Tasks from Outgoing emails
QuickFile can automatically create Tasks from emails after that are sent out. Essential if you use your task list to track follow-ups needed for emails.
 - NEW! Automatically Create Appointment from Outgoing emails
QuickFile can automatically create Appointments from emails after they are sent out. Major time saver if your emails have follow-ups that need to be scheduled.
 - NEW! Control number of recently used folders shown.
You can now set a setting in QuickFile to display (x) number of recently used folders
 - NEW! Do not show Deleted Items folders in Search results.
QuickFile can now be set not to file emails to deleted items folders.
- NEW! When Recent Folders are used, QuickFile will either automatically add folder (or prompt) to suggestions based on user’s settings.
 - NEW! Check for Updates screen has been improved
 - NEW! Add New Folder screen has been improved to allow selecting of parent folder
 - NEW! New Setting to always Show More Options on QuickFile screen
 - NEW! Dropdown on QuickFile screen now allows display of recommended folders for any recipient (To, From CC, BCC). Previously only To and From were supported.
 - Bug Fix: Now allows for \ or / in folder names.
 - Bug Fix: Overflow Error when scanning a large number of folders
 - Bug Fix: Setting screen sometime had areas blacked out
 - Bug Fix: Favourites not displayed on QuickFile screen if there was only one Favourite folder and it was a (shared) Favourite folder.
24-April-2009 Version 4.0.103
- Version 4.x release
11-February-2009 Version 3.2.126
- Re-sign the Installation files with renewed Digital Signature Certificate
6-October-2008 Version 3.2.126
- Fix for QuickFile crashing with error: "Error '91'"
08-February-2008 Version 3.2.88
- Print with Marks allows printing newest replies only
- Fix for Outlook freezing on some computers due to background indexing
- Fix for Activation Failure when "&" in Registered Name
- Other minor bug fixes & improvements
12-December-2007 Version 3.2.70
- PrintManager allows selecting multiple e-mails at once for printing
- Bug fix for QuickFile crash on Send & File
- Other minor bug fixes
29-November-2007 Version 3.2.63
- Screen re-design and enhancements
- Fix for bug when Outlook Folder names contain Special Characters
- Fix for crashes when Outlook disconnected from Exchange Server
- Fix for crashes when PrintManager List corrupted
13-October-2007 Version 3.2.41
- Retains folders index once built
- Other minor bug fixes
06-September-2007 Version 3.2.2
- Screen re-design
- Filing an e-mail to multiple folders (shortcuts)
- Auto Quick-File to multiple Outlook folders
- Auto-Quick-File to Shared Shortcuts
- Ability to Search folders in Selected outlook PST's
- Other minor improvements and bug fixes.
06-July-2007 Version 3.1.58
Fix for Outlook crashing when downloading e-mails (IMAP Account issue)
- Other minor bug fixes
25-May-2007 Version 3.1.35
Mark Unread e-mail's as read when filing
- Allow Root Folder to be selected for filing
- Filing Read Receipts
- Other Minor bug fixes
11-May-2007 Version 3.1.12
Attachments do not open from exported document when attachment name has % or #
- Title of Exported Document Does not reflect File Name
- Exported Document now includes CC information (and BCC if available)
- Fix for some Outlook Folders not loading in QuickFile
02-May-2007 Version 3.1.1
Fix for ReceivedDate changing when filing e-mails using QuickFile.
10-April-2007 Version 3.1.000
Major Upgrade with new and improved features
08-March-2007 Version 3.0.161
Revised registration system to allow running under multiple profiles on same computer.
05-March-2007 Version 3.0.160
Fix for ActiveX Prompts on AutoScan shortcuts
23-February-2007 Version 3.0.159
Fix for Word As Editor Pick and Send not working
- Minor bug fixes
22-February-2007 Version 3.0.158
Outlook 2003 security Prompts when using Print With Marks
Minor Bug Fixes
20-February-2007 Version 3.0.157
Trial extended to 30 days
Minor bug fixes
17-November-2006 Version 3.0.96
Allow display of Non Mail folders (as they may have Mail Sub Folders)
Better Support for PocketPC and ActiveSync User
Fix error when Send-To used from Desktop and Other Office Applications
PrintManager Update
1-November-2006 Version 3.0.75
Fixes for missing Machine Code on Activation
25-October-2006 Version 3.0.73
Fixes for Meeting Request & Task Request
24-October-2006 Version 3.0.72
Minor bug fix
23-October-2006 Version 3.0.71
Fixes for Voting Options, minor bug fix & updated help files
21-October-2006 Version 3.0.65
Added ability to turn off shared shortcuts to greatly speed up shortcut load times
19-October-2006 Version 3.0.55
Fixes for Unpacking Error & Outlook Hanging on startup
14-September-2006 Version 3.0.21
Update for Export to support Network folders
07-September-2006 Version 3.0.19
Minor bug fix

16-August-2006 Version 3.0.14
Minor bug fix
11-August-2006 Version 3.0.13
Beta release to testers

30-June-2006 Version 3.0.4
Beta release to testers
09-June-2006 Version 2.5.001 Beta
Beta release to testers