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"I thought you would be interested to know that I used your software to organize my own Outlook contents… some 14,000 entries. The task was completed start to finish with your software in less than 1-1/2 hours. Unheard of!"
Sandy Bautch (FirmMatters.com)

"To my mind the first and most powerful feature of QuickFile 4Outlook is its reliability. I have tested all kinds of programmes over the years, and nothing frustrates me more than a program that makes grand promises but then suffers from minor glitches and errors. QuickFile 4Outlook is a program that keeps its promise. While it is simple to use, the flow on effects of its use in the office are enormous. The daily grind of sorting and printing e-mails, printing replies, and finally attachments has been replaced by a simple series of clicks. Any lawyer who is looking for ways of saving time and minimizing stress would be well advised to invest in this program."
Peter J. Mericka B.A., LL.B
Real Estate Lawyer - Legal Practitioner - Conveyancer (www.LawyersRealEstate.com.au)

"As our firm grew we reluctantly gave up the functionality and dependability of EudoraPro for the Exchange Server-based Outlook. Outlook is a cumbersome oaf. QuickFile eased the pain of our move to Outlook considerably. Its elegant solution for automatically sorting and associating Outlook emails made it possible for us to manage the hundreds of emails we send and receive each day with the click of a button."
Arthur Rieman, Esq.
Managing Attorney The Law Firm for Nonprofits, P.C.

"Most users forget about Sent Items and this folder gets bigger and messier until finding an important email record becomes virtually impossible. I have almost 5,000 emails in my Sent Items folder. I often try to drag sent e-mails out of the Sent Items folder and into specific folders so that they are saved where I need them, but I often forget and it's time-consuming. Not with QuickFile! It routes emails you send from your Sent Items folder to your chosen client/case or any folder you want. It creates an electronic archive of all client/case emails and documents. In just one click QuickFile creates a Word or HTML document containing all emails associated with the client/case. All email attachments are put conveniently into a separate folder and are available directly from the document. QuickFile even creates a clickable table of contents!

QuickFile4Outlook allows me to save sent emails where they belong. Before, I always forgot to drag them there. It also saves me a lot of time moving emails from my inbox to the proper folders because it lets you do that with one click while when you read the email. Besides saving time, it just makes email easier than ever! Do you want to drive a car without power windows or a remote key? QuickFile4Outlook is like getting power windows and a remote key for Outlook. Am I glad I upgraded from Outlook Express! This software was provided as a courtesy for review and I use it every day."
Philip L. Franckel, Esq.


"Today email is the preferred method of communication at our organization. Outlook lacks an easy way to collect and organize email from my various client departments. QuickFile came to my rescue. It lets me automate the process and keeps my “in box” down to a manageable size. I don’t have to drag and drop each email into the department’s folder. I also love the batch printing feature. At the end of the day I open Print Manager, hit the button and go home. My secretary files the hard copies in the physical file then next morning. Sweet."
Andrew J. Urban Esq.
City Attorney's Office-Henderson


"I have been an avid user of the QuickFile product since its initial release. For me it is a huge time saver, allowing me to file emails quickly and efficiently and now, with this latest release, QuickFile4Outlook - Lawyers Addition, I can archive my email in HTML or Word format thereby lessening the storage demand on our exchange server. As a lawyer, I live in email and QuickFile is an Outlook add-in that I use everyday."
Barry N. MacTavish
Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP


"I can state with great pleasure that QuickFile 4Outlook - Lawyers Edition saves a lot of time and work. I think that I save a couple of hours each week by using the program. It is really simple to learn to use and the support I received when all features did not work because I was the first customer with a Swedish version of Outlook was perfect."
Krister Bruzelius, Swedish Law Blog



QuickFile is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for serious emailers. The digital equivalent of a filing clerk, it organises your email by sorting it into folders. It's faster, easier and more efficient than building mail rules and it can keep tabs on email from each of your contacts. One of its snazziest features is the Send&File button it adds to message windows. Click this button and QuickFile will let you select a destination file for your email once it has been sent. No longer will you have to sort through a Sent Items folder containing thousands of unsorted messages. QuickFile is much smarter than Outlook's rules. For example, instead of sorting messages into destination folders before you read them, QuickFile does so after you've read them, so you won't miss a single important message and won't have to rummage through folders to find new mail.
Rose Vines, Sydney Morning Herald

"Thank YOU for the fine product. I've been using QuickFile for a month now, and have not found any problems or difficulties. I am very picky and observant about software products, since I am in the software business, and when I find a product that works exactly as it is supposed to, I am quite happy."
Ty Griffin, California"

QuickFile significantly eases the burden of filing email messages. The ability to link individual correspondents with specific folders is especially valuable, making it very convenient to direct messages to the proper folder with a simple click."
Guy S. Saffold, Ed.D. Executive Vice President, Trinity Western University

"QuickFile has changed my morning e-mail from a dreaded chore to a task that can be dealt with briskly. You associate a sender with a folder once & it's done. QuickFile remembers where you want it to go & sends it there in two clicks. No more endless scrolling up & down the folder list. Hooray!"
Anita Harrell, Virginia, USA"

Very handy program. Use it every day at work."
Miles C. Seifert, P.E."

QuickFile is invaluable: using it speeds up the handling of e-mail, allowing me to read and file, or send and file, in much less time than it used to take using Outlook on its own. Great product and great value for money."
David Smith, United Kingdom

"... My e-mails are filed in many sub-folders in Outlook. Using the Rules to auto file can mean missing some important items. By using QuickFile everything comes into my inbox and can be seen, then quickly moved to the appropriate subfolder. Items are seen and dealt with and not lost as before."
David S. Roberts, United Kingdom"

QuickFile is just that - the quickest way to file your mail without having to resort to tricky manual folder management. What saves you minutes of your productive time each day will in a year save you hours."
Daryl Lee, Melbourne, Australia