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“Email is supposed to make things easier around here”, a law firm partner complains. “But, all too often, email sent to one of our lawyers is either unknown or inaccessible to others working on the same case.”


Does your firm have the same problem?


Email management issues can rob your office of productivity, reputation and even cases. Why risk it? Especially when it’s so easy to eliminate these issues with QuickFile™ 4Outlook—Law Office Edition.


This enterprise license allows you to install QuickFile™ quickly and seamlessly on your Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Small Business Server.

Now, instead of just one user, everyone in your office can harness the benefits of QuickFile™ — significantly improving productivity, compliance, record-keeping and accuracy across your entire firm.


In addition to all the features in the standard version, QuickFile™ 4Outlook—Law Office Edition includes “shortcut sharing”, which saves everyone time and boosts collaboration.

“Shortcuts” are the QuickFile Rules that are set up to identify and route emails to their appropriate folders. When everyone on a case can share these shortcuts, productivity and accuracy dramatically improve.


And here’s more good news. QuickFile™ 4Outlook—Law Office Edition’s shortcut sharing combined with Exchange’s Public Folders ensures that all email communication associated with a particular project or case is placed in the correct folder on the server.

Now all email communication for a case can be accessed by all the relevant people — regardless of who sent or received it.


QuickFile’s shared shortcuts are powerful and flexible. Users can:

Create multiple shared shortcut lists. (Create and use QuickFile filing rules to share for an individual case, a department, or the entire firm.)


Set permissions to restrict who has access to each shortcut list and related email folders.


Continue to use and maintain their own private shortcuts in addition to shared shortcuts. (After all, there will be personal and confidential filings that users do not want to share with the rest of the team.)


Put this all together and you’ll discover that QuickFile™ 4Outlook—Law Office Edition keeps the workflow moving smoothly. No more lost emails. No more wasted time. No more embarrassing, and costly, email management mistakes.




To learn more, simply complete and submit the form below. You’ll automatically receive a free “QuickFile™ 4Outlook—Law Office Edition INFORMATION SHEET. This downloadable PDF includes information on:

The Benefits of Shared Shortcuts and Public Folders for your organization


How to setup and configure Shared Shortcuts


How to configure Microsoft Windows Server to automatically deploy/install QuickFile on all or selected users’ computers.


When to use automatic deployment and when it is best to individually install on each user’s computer.



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