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QuickFile 4 Outlook – Lawyers Edition

The COMPLETE SYSTEM for E-mail Filing & Management.

These series of short demo videos will quickly show you just how powerful and easy-to-use QuickFile is to use.

Select a video from the list below to start the demo.

DEMO #1: How to ensure that ALL relevant e-mails get printed for filing


In QuickFile, just one click shows you a list of ALL emails for the day. Select the ones to print, or print them all at once. Never miss printing and filing an important email again.

DEMO #2 : How to ensure that printed e-mails get filed into the CORRECT folder


Even the most diligent support staff can inadvertently file an email into the WRONG client/case file. QuickFile solves this problem by printing the folder name and other key information you select, such as case number and description — on the paper version of the email. This makes correct filing virtually foolproof.

DEMO #3: Maintain an electronic filing system that MIRRORS your paper files


File emails out of the inbox and into the correct case folders with just one click. Choose where outgoing e-mails need to be filed while composing your e-mails. E-mails will be moved out of the Sent Items to the correct case folders automatically.

DEMO #4 : Export e-mails to Word and Web Files for Archival/Discussions


In just one click QuickFile™ creates a Word or HTML document containing all emails associated with the client/case. All email attachments are put conveniently into a separate folder and are available directly from the document. QuickFile even creates a clickable table of contents!

New! DEMO #5 : Find and retrieve e-mails instantly


Don't waste your valuable time searching for email folders. Type any part of a folder name in QuickFile's "Find & Goto Folder" screen to find folders almost instantly.