Time-Saving Addin for Microsoft Outlook for Lawyers
Make Outlook More Powerful, Efficient & Easier to Use

Standss (South Pacific) develops and markets Outlook productivity tools that are used by thousands of users all over the world.

Over the years we have had the privilege of serving companies of all sizes, from the world's largest companies(we have users in Microsoft, Dell, HP) wanting to minimize the risks of email to the smallest businesses wanting to get more productivity out of their day.

"It is absolutely the best piece of software I have seen in many years! QuickFile single handedly gives me the ability to crisply and cleanly manage my usual daily load of 200-300 emails in about 10% of the time that it used to take."
- Matt Brown Director - Sales Hewlett-Packard Company

12 years and counting

Standss was originally started by our CEO Sanjay Singh. We sold our first addin in July 2002 and since then we have helped tens of thousands of users all over the world get more time and more work out of Outlook.

"Sanjay is an innovative technical software leader, who understands customer's challenges and
delivers innovative software solutions to address those challenges. "

- Gunther Beersaerts
Corporate Technology Strategist at Microsoft

We have been a Microsoft Partner for more than 5 years and have even had the honour of developing software for their own internal use.

Making Emails Productive (and Risk-Free)

Email is the most important form of business communication in use today. Most business users spend a significant portion of their days inside Outlook.

Yet many users find emails can be a time-suck and a productivity killer. Poorly written or wrongly-sent emails can also put businesses at risk of losing customers, income and even legal problems.

We create addins that allow business users of Outlook to save time, get more things done and reduce the risks associated with emails. Our ultimate aim is to give our users more time to do more full-filling and productive work.

We are currently researching upgrades and new products to make Outlook and emails even more powerful by using the power of cloud-based applications.

"One of the best companies with which I have dealt. Great customer service."
- Mark E. Leipold

We are in Fiji

Our main team is based in the beautiful tropical islands of Fiji. We even won the Fiji Small Exporter of the Year Award in 2011 (the only year we entered).

New customers sometimes wonder if they'll be able to get the service they deserve because of our location. Thanks to the Internet, the world is now a small place. We always do our best to provide the best service and our customers agree.

"Every company should strive to deliver customer and tech support the way this company does."
- Dennis M. Najjar, CPA, Co-Founder, AccountingDepartment.com, LLC

We want to make a difference

Our customers tell us that our software makes a big difference to their lives... and they reward us with their business. We share a percentage of our sales by donating time and money to children and education based charities in Fiji. The two charities that we have been working closely with over the years are Save the Children Fiji and the Hilton Special School (which serves the needs of children with special needs in Fiji).

We're here to serve you

If you have any questions for us, just drop us an email at support@standss.com and we’ll get back to you within a business day.
You can also contact us at +(679) 330 4554 but remember, we're based in Fiji so please remember to dial an international line. We look forward to being of service to you.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Our full contact information

PO Box 2485, Government Buildings, Suva, Fiji
PH: + (679) 330 4554 Fax: +(679) 330 4864 (Please remember to dial International)
Email: sales@standss.com or support@standss.com

Our time-zone is GMT +12 hours (we are on the International Date Line). We are available Monday to Friday 8 AM - 5 PM.

"Thank you for the best tech support on the planet."
- Don L. Zahnle