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Does your office make these mistakes in email management?

Just one of these common errors can rob you of dozens of billable hours each week, and expose you to the risk of botched cases and professional embarrassment


Email is supposed to make case work and client communications more productive. But the evidence tells a different story. Studies of law offices across the country reveal that:

Hours are wasted each week by lawyers and support staff who must cut, paste or drag emails — one at a time — out of the Inbox and into appropriate folders.


Emails in Sent Items get overlooked — even inadvertently deleted! — because most email management systems do not address this folder.


Due to human error, important emails are filed in the wrong Outlook folders and are sometimes never found again.


Countless billable hours are lost each week due to lawyers and support staff digging through Outlook folders to find emails.


Printed email records in archived case files are often incomplete, because emails were either not printed or not filed into the correct case records — leading to potential due-diligence issues.


Staff waste hours printing email records because individual emails must be printed one at a time. (And there could be hundreds of emails associated with a single case.)


Manually putting together all the relevant emails for a case file is prone to errors. Important emails are often missed.


Outlook RULES create havoc because emails are automatically routed to folders before they can be answered. (Nothing annoys a client more than being ignored.)

Just one of these issues can expose you to reduced billable hours, additional staff costs, lower personal productivity, incomplete case records, and loss of client confidence.

How do you inoculate yourself from the risk?



QuickFile™ 4Outlook – Lawyers Edition

The email filing system that protects you from the risk
of poor email management


QuickFile™ 4Outlook — Lawyers Edition, is a simple plug-in to the Outlook email program.

In fact, it’s the ONLY email management solution for lawyers that solves all the problems, yet does not require you to change the way you file client/case records. You simply plug it in and two new buttons are added to your Outlook screen.


QuickFile™ dramatically improves the productivity and accuracy when dealing with client/case emails. Just plug-in QuickFile™ today and in minutes you can:

Easily create and maintain an email filing system that mirrors your own paper filing system. Why change the proven way you file client/case records? With QuickFile™ you don’t have to.


File emails out of the inbox and into the correct folders with just one click. Imagine the time you’ll save! Imagine the billable hours you’ll add each week.


Eliminate the #1 reason why email management systems fail. Most systems and users forget about Sent Items. As a result, this folder gets bigger and messier until finding an important email record becomes virtually impossible. Not with QuickFile™! It routes your Sent Items to your chosen client/case folder. So you never have to waste time digging through Sent Items again!


Say “Goodbye” to automated systems that file your emails into the wrong folders. No automated system is perfect, no matter how carefully you set the rules. As a result, some emails get routed to the wrong folders — perhaps never to be seen again. QuickFile™ ensures this never happens because it automatically presents a short list of folders (specific to the client or case) for you to choose from.


Ensure that ALL relevant emails are printed and filed. How many emails are sent and received for a single client or case? Dozens? Hundreds? No wonder some emails are easily missed when printing and filing. In QuickFile™ just one click shows you a list of ALL emails for the day. Select the ones to print, or print them all at once. Never miss printing and filing an important email again.


Reduce human error when filing printed copies of emails. Even the most diligent support staff can inadvertently file an email into the WRONG client/case file. QuickFile™ solves this problem by printing the folder name — and other key information you select, such as case number and description — on the paper version of the email. This makes correct filing virtually foolproof.


Create an electronic archive of all client/case emails and documents. In just one click QuickFile™ creates a Word or HTML document containing all emails associated with the client/case. All email attachments are put conveniently into a separate folder and are available directly from the document. QuickFile even creates a clickable table of contents!


Try it today

Why risk even one more day of email management issues? Especially when it’s so easy and affordable to get QuickFile™ 4Outlook – Lawyers Edition, working for YOUR office.

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"QuickFile significantly eases the burden of filing email messages. The ability to link individual correspondents with specific folders is especially valuable, making it very convenient to direct messages to the proper folder with a simple click."

Guy S. Saffold, Ed.D. Executive Vice President, Trinity Western University